In a blockbuster new alliance that has huge implications for the financial world, finance pundit Thomas Carter has joined forces with digital marketing thought leader Thomas Herd to roll out a succession of next-generation financial solutions that will revolutionize capital markets. 


Carter brings to the table breakthrough digital wallet products such as  Digital Names IO and mobile applications such as BlendFi that have been honed to compress financial transactibility under digital domains that have asset value and carry far greater security than current payment processors. 


Herd, meanwhile, who is Forbes Magazine's digital marketing columnist, has pioneered a gold-standard science for digital marketing based on developing industry leader foundations and then leveraging them through the highest payback channels to enable brands to record market share to enable Cater's projects to hit the consumer adoption numbers they need in order to become the new holy grail of the financial markets. 

Together the sum of this dynamic duo's solutions is greater than the addition of its parts. The two sciences are set to compound each other on the rollouts of Digital Names and BlendFi to turn traditional banking upside down. 

Monday, May 11, 2020

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