Digital Names

A Typical Wallet Address looks like this: 

A typical Digital Name looks like this: 
$PeterBowen, $Storefront, $RandySmith or $MyMiningGroup

As interest and demand grows within the cryptocurrency community, the need for an easy to use method to send and receive these various tokens and coins is needed. Digital Names solves this exact need in the community by giving people the choice to use an easy to remember Digital Name which will translate to any given public key or wallet address supplied by the owner of the Digital Name. Within the member control panel, Digital Name owners can easily configure their name to resolve to any public key or wallet address on any crypto wallet system they choose. A Digital Name can be your real name, your nickname, any fictional name or even your store or business name.

A Brief Explanation of the Digital Name System and How it Works.

What makes up a Digital Name? 

 Digital Name looks like this:  $James.mag, $PeterBowen, or $Storefront.

A Digital name is made up of 2 basic components. The first component is our unique identifier the dollar sign ($). The second component is the unique name chosen by the Digital Name owner. 

Digital Names can be used for just about any cryptocurrency that has a public key. We will always be adding more cryptocurrency symbols as they become available. Cryptocurrency operators may contact us to have their coin or token added to our list of supported cryptocurrencies.

 Using a Digital Name

When sending a supported cryptocurrency from a participating crypto wallet application, you will be given the option to send cryptocurrency to a public key or to a Digital Name.

The wallet application will look up the public key or wallet address associated to the Digital Name in the background. The wallet application will call out to our system using a simple API call, to retrieve the correct public key or wallet address that will be used for the given Digital Name and cryptocurrency that is about to be sent.

Cost of Buying a Digital Name

Digital Names are available at The cost of each Digital Name in your account is $19.95 usd.

 Additional years may be added from the member control panel.

Payment methods accepted at this time are PayPal (usd).

We also offer a merchant account for resellers and applications which will be utilizing Digital Names within their applications

Bulk Purchases Available

Buying bulk credits will save you money. Discounts range from 25%-40%

Adding a Public Key or Wallet Address to a Digital Name

Once you have purchased your Digital Name and verified your account, you will have full access to the member control panel where you can assign cryptocurrencies to your Digital Name. Simply press the add button next to the Digital Name, then select the currency and add your public key or wallet address. Now all payments to your Digital Name will be directed to your wallet. You may change the assigned public key or wallet address at any time using the edit button next to each cryptocurrency assigned to your Digital Name.

There is no limit to the number of Digital Names you can have in your account. And you can use the same public key or wallet address for multiple Digital Names you may have. Click the image to see an example of the control panel.

Transferring my Digital Name to Someone Else

We have a feature that will allow the transfer of a Digital Name to another active Digital Name account. There is no fee for transfers. There is an email sent the email address on your account to approve all transfers. You may cancel a pending transfer that has not yet been approved. This feature does make it possible for anyone to buy unique one of a kind Digital Names and then sell them on a secondary market website or on social media marketplaces.

Selling Digital Names

If you would like to sell a Digital Name, you will need to login to the Client Area of the TNS / Digital Names website.

Once you Login to the Client Area Control Panel, click the green button to access the digital names control panel.

There, you will see all your digital names. Click on the Digital Name you would like to sell. Click the button to Sell Digital Name, then enter your selling price, PayPal email account, and category you want to list your name for sale.

Once submitted, your listing will be instantly listed for sale.

If a buyer is interested in buying your digital name, you will then receive an email stating that the buyer has purchased your digital name.

A buyer has the option to send an offer for a smaller amount. You would then receive an email stating that the buyer has offered you a different price. You have the right to accept or decline the offer.

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