Behind the scenes during the economic shutdown imposed by COVID-19, theoretical economic development has been advancing at a blistering pace.

And now its first products are coming to market to fast track consumers to greater levels of financial security, transaction performance, and overall efficiency.
One of the most salient examples of such developments is the breakthrough digital wallet product Digital Names IO.

Designed by financial markets guru Thomas Carter, Digital Names enables people to compress their various bank accounts and mobile payment portals (from zelles to paypals to venmos to blockchain wallets) in their very own digital wallet address that can be used in lieu of any other form of payment processor to keep all of their finances under one roof and protected by the ultra fortified shield of blockchain.

Digital Names- whilst available now- will be even more essential as the markets adopt the imminent blockchain internet.

Thomas Carter’s company has been heralded by financial governing bodies as well as international media authorities (Maxim, International Business Times, Yahoo Finance, etc.) as the gold-standard digital banking system to flip the specter of greater fragmentation into the prospect of greater ease and protection. Namely, Digital Names will be a part of a larger umbrella- called BlendFi – that will enable people to place all of their financial terminals under one roof that’s directly linked to their identity with unprecedented security checks.

As the consensus around Digital Names and BlendFi’s utility builds, it’s become an increasingly opportune moment to buy and set up your own digital name, so that you can ride its asset appreciation all the way from the ground floor up.

To get started and learn about how to set up your own digital name key, check out

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Thursday, May 7, 2020

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