Thomas Herd | May 8, 2020 |


Thomas Carter, the financial markets whiz- following in the footsteps of best-selling economist author George Gilder- has recently leveraged his pundit status into an array of new business ventures aimed at revolutionizing the financial security space.

These businesses- connected under his Deal Box Advisory umbrella- include cutting edge digital wallet and banking mobile app products such as Digital Names IO and BlendFi that intend to forever change the way people bank.

DigitalNames for instance, will allow people to centralize all of their various bank accounts and mobile payment portals (from zelles to paypals to venmos to blockchain wallets) in their very own digital wallet address, that can be personalized under their own moniker similar to a domain name. Also similar to a domain, as more people buy digital wallets, digital wallet scarcity for high demand names will allow DigitalNames to appreciate in value similar to how high demand website names- such as did shortly after the .com boom.

BlendFi, meanwhile, promises to aggregate cryptocurrencies and crypto exchange under a central umbrella through its proprietary app.

Together, Digital Names and BlendFi appear to be the core aggregators for all currency types as move forward into the imminent decentralized internet.

Friday, May 8, 2020

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