With markets about to hit record fragmentation, Fintech Mogul Thomas Carter’s product Digital Names will be able to help consumers keep banking simple, easy, and safe.

Finance whiz Thomas Carter and his Orange County based advisory firm Deal Box have been the first to solve for the imminently approaching decentralized internet (what tech experts hail ‘the fourth industrial revolution’)…..leaving consumers with an easy solution for do it yourself banking before the new internet is even here.

This new decentralized internet- powered by blockchain- will equip individuals with the digital tools of companies and enable them to act themselves as digital entities.

In recognizing this and the opportunity to provide them a custom product that they could utilize as their new digital identity in this approaching era, Carter and his partner John Nance developed Digital Names.

Digital Names, which enables consumers to name their own digital wallets (after themselves, their companies, or any entity), will effectively allow people to centralize all of their bank accounts and transactions (everything from wires to PayPal to venmos) in the new blockchain internet.

However that’s not all. Digital Names will also confer greater transaction security, processing speed, and the ability to acquire and appreciative asset (your digital wallet) that can grow at a rapid multiplier (if you’re in early enough and pick wisely) the same way that coveted website domains grew in value since in the .com boom.

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Saturday, March 21, 2020

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