The Evolution of Digital Names

  The Total Network Service Project, which is the backbone infrastructure for the Digital Names and TNS Cloud services.

  The project began November 2016, we  began development as a member of the Pasco County’s SmartStart business incubator located Downtown Dade City Florida.

   The Digital Name was created from a deep need within the cryptocurrency community. During a  monthly CEO Round Table meeting at the SmartStart business incubator, the subject came up about how difficult it is when sending or receiving cryptocurrency. With the issue of being able to remember the cryptocurrency public keys. Our team sprung into action researching the many ways to solve this needed problem. After 8 months of research, we developed our business plan and began  the Digital Name service.

Our Worldwide Data Network

  We have developed a unique worldwide self replicating data network. This network   stores, delivers and processes all the tasks demanded by our network. We currently have servers located in 3 major markets. North America is our primary market, with well positioned server infrastructure located in Europe and Asia. Our host servers will serve the direct demands from the cryptocurrency community via our API software accessed by online merchants, crypto wallets and market exchanges.

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